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Viagra NZ is the most popular drug against erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil contained in Viagra pills is a vasodilator that promotes blood flow and secures the recovery of erectile mechanisms. The medicine remains efficient during 4 hours after the moment of onset which takes place approximately one hour after the intake. During this time one can have numerous sexual recharges as needed.

Need to know about Viagra

How to use Viagra NZ?

Viagra is the first drug in tablet form that followed the era of penile injections. When sildenafil (Viagra) was introduced to the market in 1998 opened new opportunities to treat patients with erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil was the first so-called PDE5 inhibitor and medication enhances erections by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This affects the mechanism that causes the smooth muscles of the penile vascular and erectile tissue relaxes-resulting in increased engorgement and erection.

In recent years, new PDE5 inhibitor registered in Sweden and common for these drugs is that they have the same type of mechanism of action as Viagra.

A major benefit of Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors is that the drugs are easy to use; patient is taking only one pill before planned sexual activity. However, it requires desire and sexual stimulation for the medicine to work.

No PDE5 inhibitors may be taken with nitrates (nitrates are medicines taken for angina).

Viagra NZ Online often gives a better effect after several treatment trials.

Some patients who are prescribed Viagra tablets need to try at least 3-4 times before erection work satisfactorily. In some cases, the full effect only after 8 intakes.

This is often due to the effects of psychological stress, expectations, or if the patient has not had sex for some time. Therefore, it is important to give the treatment a little time and try it out if the medicine is not effective the first few times. Also, it is important that the correct dosage to reach a good result.

Viagra NZ Professional

Viagra Professional is an oral drug against ED containing sildenafil 100mg. Viagra Professional is used in men with severely compromised erectile function. The drug is taken 60 minutes before sexual activity and continues to be effective during 4 hours.

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Viagra Super Active

Viagra Super Active is an oral pill used in men with erectile dysfunction. The medicine has an enhanced formula to provide more concentrated action for removal of ED symptoms, increases penile sensitivity and gives better control over sexual act.

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Viagra Soft

Viagra Soft is an erectile dysfunction drug with a shorter reuptake period. Thanks to the soft coating the pills get absorbed much faster. The action sets in after 30 minutes and continues to be effective during the ensuing 4 hours.

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Viagra NZ

Viagra is a classical solution against erectile dysfunction that is administered for symptomatic treatment. It empowers a man to achieve and maintain erection during the sexual act, which becomes also more controllable.

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Female Viagra

Female Viagra is a sildenafil containing medicine for women with FSAD. The pill works by increasing the blood flow in the genital area and thus promoting sexual arousal in women. Female Viagra helps women achieving orgasms.

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How to Buy Viagra NZ Online?

Buying Viagra in New Zealand online is simple given that you know a good source. When we say a good source we usually mean that the quality of the pills you buy is undisputable and the pricing policy is fair.

In this connection it is best to look for Viagra in a drugstore that buys directly from manufacturers, or in other words does not impose sky high prices just to cover the middlemen fees.

The next step is to consider the amount of pills you want to buy. Here you have two options if you are new and uncertain on which drug is best for you, go for trial packs. Otherwise it is best to buy as much pills at a time as you can and get a considerable bulk discount.

You go to checkout page and fill in the form which is completely confidential and SSL encoded for your ultimate protection. It takes several hours for your order to be processed and batched, and then it is dispatched to you. Shipping time can take up to three weeks in the majority of cases, especially if you order from an overseas drugstore.

At our pharmacy you will be given the top notch quality services. Shopping with us is pleasant and secure, and there is always a backup in form of money-back policy to make you feel extra safe.


Our checkout form works with HTTPS protocol and has a verified SSL certificate. We use 256bit SSL secured pay page to process your orders. All orders send directly to bank and we do not store any private customers information on our side.

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