Viagra NZ and Testosterone

Viagra NZ is an oral medication used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The medication was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998 and took the world by storm. Thousands and thousands of men around the world has achieved sexual satisfaction using Viagra. There are many reasons and causes for erectile dysfunction including medical and psychological reasons. Erectile dysfunction is often the first sign of a more serious health condition and men experiencing erectile dysfunction should always check in with a medical professional to make sure there is not a serious medical problem brewing. One of the causes of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a male hormone and produced within the testes. Testosterone helps maintain reproductive tissue, works as a sperm production stimulator, stimulate while maintaining sexual function, increase muscle strength and mass and maintain strength in the bones. There is a numerical range of testosterone levels, also called T-levels that are considered normal. The testicles and the brain work together to keep testosterone levels within the normal range. As the T-levels diminish, the testicles send a signal to the brain to make more. When T-levels reach normal levels, the brain tells the testicles to stop the production. Low testosterone levels are related to low sex drive. Low sex drive often leads to reduced sexual activity. Low testosterone levels are also responsible for erectile dysfunction.  In most cases of erectile dysfunction, low testosterone is not always the sole reason. Viagra New Zealand will help kick start testosterone levels, but some men also find they need testosterone replacement therapy in addition to Viagra Online. Testosterone in men decreases by about 10% per decade after the age of 30. Low testosterone is diagnosed with blood tests. There are a number of therapy methods to replace testosterone and include gel, injections and testosterone pills. There is also a testosterone patch worn around the clock to mimic the natural, daily fluctuations of testosterone in the bloodstream. It is not abnormal for men experiencing low testosterone and erectile dysfunction to find a combination of Viagra NZ Online and testosterone replacement therapy to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.    

The Metamorphosis Of Viagra NZ: From A Prescription Medicine To An Over-The-Counter Product

Viagra was seen as a godsend when it was first introduced to the market in 1998. Until that time, there was not an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction that was cost effective and delivered an affordable treatment option to men all over the world. Since science and research is all about finding better solutions to problems, Viagra offered men a painless and economical method to treat erectile dysfunction. Its popularity rose as men found the product to be safe and effective.

Viagra NZ was first developed to treat pulmonary hypertension and lower blood pressure. The treatment was not as effective as hoped, but the medication was found to be very effective as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Preliminary clinical trials revealed that male subjects being treated for angina reported considerably less problems with erectile dysfunction as a result of using the medication.

The manufacturer of Viagra NZ quickly switched gears and turned their research to solving the age old problem of erectile dysfunction. Viagra was tested as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998 as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Viagra was offered to men via prescription from a doctor. Men had to undergo a complete physical examination to rule out any medical causes for erectile dysfunction and a complete medical history to help determine if erectile dysfunction was a byproduct of something psychological such as depression or stress. Viagra was available at local pharmacies.

Viagra avaliable also in Sydney Australia by

The invention of the Internet took pharmaceutical products and brought them to a new level of consumerism when Internet pharmaceutical vendors began establishing themselves online. Legitimate online pharmacies began offering Viagra online with a prescription, but then other vendor sites began offering Viagra like products manufactured in labs around the world.

Generic Viagra NZ is available without a prescription on most Internet sites. The Internet sites are based worldwide where pharmaceuticals are not regulated as tightly as they are in the United States. It is important to make sure to purchase Viagra or its generic counterpart from a reputable dealer. Without a prescription, it is possible to purchase Viagra that does not have the necessary components to treat erectile dysfunction.




Herbal Viagra Vs. Classical Viagra NZ

The prevalence of impotence affects today. Stress, environment, chronic diseases, the rhythm of life has led to this diagnosis is 39% of men. At all times people used the power of herbal medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Virility is strongly associated with potency in public’s eye. This is why when the ability to achieve and maintain erection fails, a man is pressed to feel less ‘manly’. The medical center at the University of California based on the latest developments designed to enhance the potency of the drug for its stimulation using only natural ingredients. If there is a problem with the occurrence and duration of erection, Herbal Viagra provides the best opportunities for men. Viagra pills are starting to act very quickly and continue to operate even up to 2 days. Components of the drug are not addictive.

Herbal Viagra NZ increases libido, improves potency exacerbates sexual sensations shortens recovery period after each sexual act. This discovery works best for men who seek to obtain vivid and lasting impressions of sex. Parameters of the tablets surpass even the famous Viagra.

The pills contain extracts of various plants in North America. They should be taken 20 minutes before the start of an intimate relationship. Do not use Herbal Viagra more than once a day (24 hour). Tablets are very strong, it is recommended to start taking the pills by halves or quarters.

Herbs with the effect of Viagra are ubiquitous – nature gave us mass means to increase sexual desire, improve erections, normalization of hormonal levels. Most of the drugs and medications for potency are made according to the principles of action of these plants, and some of them are made with them as active medicinal components.

The most effective herbs with the effect of Viagra NZ are divided into 4 classes by the action on erectile function.

  • Plants with a total effect of improving erectile function;
  • Plants PDE5 inhibitors;
  • Plants affecting nitric oxide needed for an erection;
  • Plants affecting a particular body system, whereby amending erectile function.

Extract prepared from the bark of the South African evergreen tree yohibme gained immense popularity worldwide. Used as a means to increase potency, in the same way as Viagra. Yohibme increases blood flow to the genitals, helping to achieve an erection.

Yohimbe content in dietary supplements (dietary supplements) may vary (some dietary supplements contain a very small amount of the extract), standardized extract yohimbe sold by prescription.

Ginkgo, a plant used by the Chinese for thousands of years, is a descendant of the ancient seed ferns. Traditionally, the plant has been used to improve blood flow, increase life expectancy and improve sexual performance.

According to the Mayo Clinic, ginkgo may help with erectile dysfunction improving blood flow to the penis, similar to the effect of classic Viagra NZ.

Also remember that Ginkgo thins the blood, it can be dangerous when taken with anticoagulants. Consult your doctor before taking products containing ginkgo plant.

Generic Viagra in New Zealand

Before you hit the link to our site, you may have already consulted a doctor to get a prescription filled or are thinking about buying Viagra NZ but do not know what to expect after taking the medication. Below you’ll find a series of frequently asked questions that are intended to inform you on what to do before taking Viagra to get the best results.

Viagra is primarily a treatment for the cure of ‘ male impotence but is also sometimes used to give the man confidence and improve performance in bed.

When should I take Viagra?

It is recommended to take Viagra about an hour before having sexual intercourse. On average Viagra is an oxidant that lasts 4 hours. You should never take more than one pill every 24 hours.

Viagra is an aphrodisiac?

Viagra is not an aphrodisiac instead is a treatment created for the care of  male impotence, so it is not recommended to buy Viagra if you are looking for a treatment to increase sexual desire. Viagra does not cause instant erection is a drug that helps a natural process and you must be sexually stimulated because an erection to occur.

How long should one wait before acting Viagra?

In some cases it takes an hour or so before you experience the effects of Viagra in other cases you have to wait only 20 minutes. Normally it starts with a dose of 50mg and only then if necessary you can alter the dose increasing it to 100 mg or down to 25mg. In addition, the body needs to get used to the drug, at least at the beginning then you have to have patience and do not give up the treatment if after the first time an erection will not occur just decided.

How long does Viagra work?

Viagra remains in the circulation for about 4 hours, giving you plenty of time to those who hired him to have a sexual relationship. The penis does not stay hard for the entire time and after ejaculation back to the normal position until there is a new sexual stimulation.

How can I get the best results?

To better tailor the effectiveness of the drug is recommended to take Viagra NZ on an empty stomach or with a light snack. Also, you should moderate the amount of alcohol consumed before.

Types of Viagra in NZ – Feel the Different

There are a few different types of Viagra, in addition to the classic Viagra, and include Professional, Super Active, Sublingual and Gold.

Viagra_03.jpg7984baec-dd39-4caf-838a-558ee5c74854LargeProfessional Viagra in New Zealand is an extra strength form of Viagra and is available in 100 milligram pills. Professional was designed to work faster and with longer lasting effects. The main ingredient is sildenafil citrate and affects response to sexual stimulation. Professional works the same as original Viagra by releasing nitric oxide into the system. As the nitric oxide takes over, the penis muscles relax and allow the penis to receive greater blood flow. This results in an erection. Professional Viagra is taken orally about 15 to 45 minutes before anticipated sexual activity and takes about 20 minutes before the effects kick in.

viagrasuperactive_bViagra Super Active was developed to work the erectile dysfunction fast track. Super Active is taken about 5 to 10 minutes before sexual activity and the effects kick in almost immediately and will last up to 50 hours. Super Active is a gelatin capsule and contains the most powerful form of Viagra on the market. Super Active is taken on an as needed basis and has the same temporary but minor side effects as the original Viagra, but also brings with it the increased rate of heart related risks and stroke. Men should not use Viagra Super Active if they have been advised against sexual activity by their doctor.

Sublingual Viagra NZ based is placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve without water. The mucous membrane in the mouth allows the absorption into the blood stream quicker than taking the pill orally with water. Sublingual Viagra only needs to be taken about 10 minutes prior to the expectation of sexual activity. This type of Viagra works the same way as all other types of Viagra and should only be taken once every 24 hours and only on an as needed basis. Sublingual Viagra comes in 100 milligram doses and packages of 10 to 360 pills. Viagra taken sublingually works twice as fast as taking a Viagra pill orally with water.

Viagra Gold is a supercharged pill used to treat erectile dysfunction. The pills are available in 800 milligram doses and were developed to offer strong and long term effects. Like other types of Viagra, users should always use Viagra Gold as prescribed, at least 60 minutes before a sexual encounter. Gold should only be taken once per 24 hours.

Men who use Viagra Gold and experience side effects, those effects will be similar to the side effects that come with using any type of Viagra. Men who are using medications with nitrates should not use Viagra Gold and men who have been advised not to participate in sex, should not use Viagra Gold.

The Dangers Of Viagra New Zealand

Ocular side effects

Viagra Online Australia or New Zealand (sildenafil) is by far the best documented PGE5 inhibitor for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Suspicions about a possible relationship with NAION were Pfizer to immediately initiate a comprehensive investigation of the ocular safety of treatment with Viagra NZ.

The clinical documentation of Viagra includes 103 trials involving over 13,000 men. In these studies, no cases of NAION reported 1. The new NAION investigation, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2006, is an overview of all ocular adverse reactions reported since Viagra was introduced in 1998. During this time period had Viagra has been used by more than 27 million men worldwide.

None established link between Viagra and NAION.

NAION involves a sudden painless loss of vision and / or visual field loss that is usually localized to one eye. The cause of NAION has not been determined, but there are several known risk factors, such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, advanced age, and smoking.

Several of these risk factors predispose except NAION, including erectile dysfunction. The common risk factors make it likely that some men with ED get NAION whether they may PDE5 inhibitors or not.

The study shows that it is impossible to prove whether these events are related to the medication or the patient’s underlying vascular risk factors, a combination of both or of very different factors. They could find no evidence of long-term effects of Viagra on the retina, other structures in the eye or circulation.

Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors, however, has received the following additions to the SPC:

“The use of PDE5 inhibitors are contraindicated in patients with a previous history of non-arthritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION), regardless of whether this episode was in connection with previous exposure of PDE5 avenged or not.”

A surveillance study of over 28,000 Viagra-treated men (35 500 patient-years) between 1998 and 2001 made ​​by the Drug Safety Research Unit at Southampton University report a case of NAION. This patient had several factors that predispose for NAION: smoking, hypertension and ischemic heart disease.


Top Ten FAQs About Viagra NZ

Composed erection for several hours with Viagra?


The answer is no. First, one must not get an erection if you do not want it. One should not automatically an erection as soon as you swallow a tablet of Viagra. It requires sexual stimulation, to provide and maintain an erection. The Viagra does is make it easier for a man to get and maintain an erection. When a sexual activity is complete, the penis returns to its normal state. During the time frame that the active ingredient of Viagra remains in the body (usually 4-5 hours), it is easier to regain an erection, if you would like. The horror stories that abound that there are people who have had an erection for several days are no more than a myth.

Is it only men with severe erectile dysfunction who use Viagra?

There are many reasons why some men have erection problems. Regardless of how the problems arise, it is wise to do what you can to overcome them. Most men go through phases in life when you yourself or your partner feel that you have erection problems. You certainly do not need to have serious, long-lasting erection problems of using Viagra.

Does it take long before Viagra with sildenafil online starts to work?

The idea is that one should take one tablet of Viagra approximately 45 minutes before going to complete sexual intercourse. It does not mean that the effect occurs after exactly 45 minutes. Sometimes it’s faster, sometimes it can take longer. If you take a pill on an empty stomach, the effect is often more quickly than if you have just eaten a meal. Another thing to consider is that weight plays a role when the effect occurs. The more you weigh, the longer it may take for Viagra to start working.

Do you get more excited by Viagra?

There is no substance in a tablet of Viagra that makes you automatically get excited. They feel no desire emotions just by Viagra starts working. While it is of course so that improved erection can mean that desire is stimulated, but it has nothing to do with Viagra itself. More Information to Viagra Australia you can find here: